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  1. XiaoYun


    Sell boots[1], offer your price
  2. XiaoYun

    Server Down 21 May 2019 4:50 PM

    are still cant play?
  3. XiaoYun


    for asian only
  4. XiaoYun


    Server down?
  5. XiaoYun


    Need friend to play together and make a permanent party playing time around 18.00 pm - 23.00 pm
  6. XiaoYun

    NPC Healer

    i got your point.. but the problem is not many player out there so how we find every job (priest in this point)?
  7. XiaoYun

    Pub Chat

    Hi, Game Master, why can not open pub chat in maintown??? how we player rec party if can not open pub chat in main town? please fix this issue
  8. XiaoYun

    NPC Healer

    Hello sir, can u make NPC Healer to restore MP full too not just HP only?? That will really helpfull for us to hunting.. thanks for your attention ..
  9. XiaoYun

    Oc baby card

    WTS Orc baby card Offer your price