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Maintenance Patch Note 15 July 2019

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Maintenance patch note 15 July 2019
Maintenance Time 09:00 - 11:00

Add NPC Compensation thronesc 44 114
Add Description Jumping Candy
Add Description HP Pill
Add Description SP Pill
Add Description Sword Wing
Add Green Potion to All in one Trader 
Add Tomb for Wounded Morroc
Add MVP Ladder with Reward
Remove Badges to CP from Badge Shop
Reduce Cooldown of Emergency Call 5 Minute to 3 Minute
Change Gemstone weight 3 to 1


Reward WOE owned Castle 15 July 2019
Leader :
    - Ticket Cash Point 1000
    - Throne Badges 1000
    - Guild Supply Box 2
    - Zeny 50.000.000

Members :
    - Throne Badges 200
    - Ticket Cash 100
    - Elite Siege Potion 3
Guild Participant
    - Guild Supply Box 2
    - Zeny 25.000.000

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