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Maintenance Patch Note 29 July 2019

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Maintenance patch note 29 July 2019
Maintenance Time 09:00 - 11:00

- Change WOE Schedule to Tuesday & Thursday, 21:00 - 22:00 Server Time
- Add Monster Drop Santa Hat from Stormy Knight
- Add Description Acareje
- Fix Description HP Pill
- Fix Description SP Pill
- Fix Description Howard Alt-Eisen Card
- Fix Description Sprint Ring
- Move Mob Spawn Ktullanux to ice_dun03 ( Death respawn 12 Hour )
- Change delay Berry 3 second to 2 second
- Change delay Seed 2 second to 1 second
- Change Qty Reward Dice Event 10 to 50
- Change Costume Cash Shop to NPC Costume Cash thronesc,118,165 or from Warper Special Area > Hat and Costume Quest
- Add Costume to NPC Costume Cash
- Add Event KOE ( KING OF EMPERIUM ) every Sunday 20:00 - 21:00 Server Time
    Prize 500 Throne Badges and 5.000.000 every member win the KOE Event
    Note : King of Emperium Event is like War of Emperium but KOE in mini version, using 1 Small map
           Defends the emperium in the middle of the map until times up
           KOE Map http://prntscr.com/olb44r
           NPC KOE Warper will spawn at below the npc warper main town
Compensation you can clam at npc thronesc,44,114

KOE map.jpg

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