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Event Champion vs Champion ThroneRO

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Hello Thrones....

We invite all of you to join The Champion Vs Champion Event

Prove that you are The Greatest Champion at ThroneRO

We are only looking for 1 CHAMPION, BE THE BEST!!!!!


Banner Champion Season 2.png



Rewards for the WINNER :

Limited Costume Black Strong Hair

1.000 Cash Point + 2.000 Cash Point Total 3.000 CP

30 Million Zeny

1.000 Throne Badges


The rewards for participants :
10 Million Zeny
7Day VIP
Rewards will be awarded after the match is over
if the participant is not present then the rewards is not given



How to join :

- Job Champion Only
- Join Discord Click Here https://discord.gg/SjzYcuU
- Put your IGN on Channel registration-champ-vs-champ
- Registration is open until 8 September 2019 19:00
- Drawing of participants 8 September 21:00 

EVENT WILL BE START 9 September 2019, 20:00 Server Time

Term and Conditions
- Elimination Round Best of 3
- Final Round Best of 5
- No Dual Login
- Only use items that have been provided on NPC
- Ashura till enemy die and you Win
- Waiting time call 3 minutes
- Location Event Champ Vs Champ Arena
- The audience is prohibited from approaching the arena
  GM will kick out from arena if you didn't hear a warning from GM
- GM is always right
- Rules can be changed at any time


NPC Shop :
- Rod [4]
- Mace [4]
- Waghnak [4]

Accessory :
- Clip [1]
Max Buy 3 Clip

Card :
- Farmiliar
- Magnolia
- Marina
- Metaller
- Plankton
- Requiem
- Savage Bebe
- Skeleton
- Snake
- Zenorc
- Smokie
- Hydra
- Skel Worker
- Drops


For go to the event map your Weight = 0, and Only Champion Class
And when you want leave the event map your Weight = 0
NPC Warper Champ vs Champ at Maintown Bottom Side Samsak
NPC Warper for watch Champ vs Champ at Maintown Bottom Side Samsak 

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Event Champion vs Champion participants

Tebak Aku Siapa
Ye Qiu
S t y L o M a X x
UITM Di Hati Ku
Lil Champ

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